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How Well do you Know Your Community

September 4, 2018


Every church should be careful to cater to the needs of its community. Bear in mind, however, that the needs of the members of the church should not be overlooked in the process either. 


Catering to the needs of its community is of extreme importance for any church. More important though is the fact that this cannot be done if the church fails to realize and acknowledge the demographic of the community around them. 


Know that this sole purpose of this particular blog is to drive this one point home. 


Every church must identify the demographic of its community before launching initiatives to help them. 


A church's efforts will be in vain if it does not know or understand just who it's ministering to. 


Consider this for example.  It was shared with me that a very affluent community in Silicon Valley did not need financial assistance, food or clothing from the church. Instead, the community suffered with high rates of suicide. 


What a waste of time it would've been to show up in that community trying to distribute food or clothing. If the church had done its research into the demographic and needs of the community then that church would be better able to position itself to assist said community. 


The bottom line is that there are resources at the disposal of every church that would allow the church leaders to identify and understand the demographic and needs of the community. 


Once there is an understanding, only then can effective ministry begin.


With love from your Social Media Ministry Specialist 





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