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While Your Church is Getting on Board

If you haven't yet read my previous blog "Is Your Church Willing to get on Board" then I'd advise you to read it prior to reading this blog. It would afford you a moment of clarity and better understanding of the method to my social media marketing madness. 


Let's assume that you've gotten your church to step up to the plate and create those two teams I mentioned for your church to create in my last blog. Let's assume the teams are ready and willing to move forward. The question is, what happens to team number two while team number one is planning and strategizing for effective execution of the upcoming community events? What should team two be doing during this period of time? 


During team one's planning and strategy sessions team two should be just as busy at work. If social media accounts or websites need to be created at this point team two should be getting them created. The team would do well to remember that there must be consistency and uniformity across all accounts. For branding purposes it's best to keep the theme, colors, logos, etc. uniformed across all aspects of your online presence. 


This as well is an opportune time for team two to utilize their chosen social media platforms and create surveys to be completed by the community in order that the needs of the community might be identified. 


Furthermore, it behooves the team as well at this juncture to work on creating a consistent presence across the church's social media accounts. Feed into the community with daily nuggets and tidbits that are beneficial to the community. 


These nuggets can be anything from daily financial advice, mental health advice, healthy eating advice, to even relationship advice. 


The point is you have to have some level of familiarity with your community in order to begin to minister to the needs of your community. Ironically, you MUST minister to the needs of your community and have built a relationship with them before you can even earn the right to ask them to step foot in your church. This is the reality of the social media marketing journey that your church must embark on in order to hit their goals. So, heed the above mentioned suggestions, do them and even add to them, but do not stray from them. 


Make sure without a doubt that team two is ready to hit the ground running because they will have a lot of work to do. You cannot post content sporadically and expect great results. Quality, consistent, content is the name of the game.


Lastly and I dare say more importantly than anything else, do not forget that as a church, whether it's team number one or team number two, that you'll have to couple all your marketing efforts with lots of prayer. 


With love from your Social Media Ministry Specialist  







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