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After Your Church has Gotten on Board

Be sure to read the two previous blogs before reading this one. 


Now, with that being said, let's assume once again that your church has gotten to the point of posting quality, consistent, content. Things have been going great with team two and they have been able to establish a convincing online presence for the church.  There's no denying that you're on the right path. 


Assuming again that team number one has successfully planned and executed community events and the community has been receptive to these events then there's a bit of homework that requires the attention of team two at this point. 


This bit of homework is easy and may require the work of a


third team. Their job? Simply put, their job is to document, document, document. 


Capture footage and photos of the teams at work and loads more of the church serving the community and post them to the church's website and social media accounts. That's it! 


Teams one and two should never stop working. Instead they should be engaged in a rinse and repeat cycle. Once the event is finished do it all over again. The only thing that changes at this point is possibly the event type. Be careful not to overfeed your community with any one thing. Seek for opportunities to address the various needs of the community. 


In the meantime stay social my friends. 


With love from your Social Media Ministry Specialist 



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