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Branding Myself as the Social Media Ministry Specialist

February 5, 2018



I love social media marketing! I really do. I try my utmost best to make intelligent decisions when it comes to branding and social media marketing.  Why then be so absurd and brand myself as the "Chief Executive church Marketer?" Isn't it a little too much? I mean is that even a thing though? 


Like who in their right minds would think to brand themselves with such a ridiculous name as that? Oh, well, here goes my hand in the air. "Me, me, choose me teacher, I'm the one who had the smart idea to use that name."


So what is the reason again? Well here's the tad bit of wisdom behind this bright idea -- the method to my madness of sorts. 


The truth is the name is certainly just strange and weird enough that it's bound to strike a nerve somehow. The remarkable fact is that to some degree that unnerving moment is exactly what will help the name of the brand to become more memorable in a much faster way. 


We've seen for ourselves that one of the fastest way to garner a lot of attention and to ensure that your brand is memorable is for it to be quirky or crazy enough, hence my bold claim to being the chief executive church marketer.


I chose churches as my primary niche to work as a social media marketer because quite frankly most churches today FAIL by virtue of not even trying to have an online presence, much less using social media as an outreach platform. 


One would imagine that an institution charged with so great a mission would seek to utilize every tool possible to reach the masses and to fulfill the charge set before them. 


This is a charge that will never be completely fulfilled until we've all equipped ourselves with the necessary tools for every aspect of the job. My branding speaks to my commitment and my determination to bring THE Chief Executive Church Marketer. That is why I branded myself as such. 



With love from your Social Media Ministry Specialist  




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