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Your Congregation is the Key to Marketing

Laura Lake in her article Learn What Marketing Is and How It Is Used so eloquently states that "marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over your competitors.


Here's the absolute truth of the matter. Your church can hire the very best marketers to run the very best marketing campaign to attract visitors and possibly new members. Your money though, is wasted the very moment that your church members refuse to genuinely do their part?


What am I talking about? Every church should operate under


the assumption that they are the friendliest church around. That means that the very moment a guest steps foot in your church's parking lot there is a welcome team out there greeting and showering that guest with love. That's the first phase.


Phase two occurs when they step foot into the vestibule of the church. Your greeters must show the same love and excitement to the guest as the parking lot welcome team. Please let your greeters know that it is absolutely okay to make small talk at this point. As a matter of fact, it is practically needed. Your guests might still be somewhat guarded and the greeters (wearing genuine smiles) are the proverbial point of the spear to begin to break down their guards.


Please understand that phase two is only that--phase two. Phase three takes effect the moment the greeter/usher shows the guest to his/her seat. Here's the make or break. Do your members care enough about the guest? How many of your members at this point will lean over and do what it takes to make that guest feel welcomed? How many smiles, hugs or kisses would the guest have received before the sermon even starts?


I'm sure I don't need to tell you that it doesn't end there. Once the service ends the guest should be surrounded by members wanting to meet and learn more about them and wanting to know if they have a place to eat lunch.


That guest should never visit your church and leave without having interacted with at least 15 - 30 people. That is not a marketing campaign that money can pay for. That is true, genuine ministry. And you know what? It is marketing as well, because you'd be effectively marketing the culture of the church.


So ministers of the gospel, take heed to educate and train your church members to be accepting (NEVER JUDGE) and inviting of whatever guest that walks through your church doors. If you were to run marketing campaigns without first training your church you would be losing money, time, and worst yet, potential souls for the Kingdom.


With love from your Social Media Ministry Specialist  



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