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Your Church Sucks at Marketing!

December 4, 2017


A lot of you, just like the GIF below, are ready to share your two cents and tell me just how wrong I am about my blog topic. Many, if not all of you do already disagree with me, but hear me out for a few minutes. 


I mean seriously, how can a church, charged with sharing the gospel to the ends of the earth actually suck at marketing? That's stupid, right? At the end of the day the notion of sharing the gospel IS marketing!


How could I then have gotten my blog topic so wrong? What could I possibly have been thinking when I penned the words "Your Church Sucks at Marketing?"


Well, two years ago I completed a marketing course. Besides it costing me quite a bit of money, I must say that I walked away from the course a lot more knowledgeable and equipped than when I got started. This course taught us specifically how to leverage social media platforms as the marketing tools they are in order to reach our very specific target market for the clients we chose to work with. In other words, the idea was to drive specific customers to our clients based on interests, likes, dislikes, demographics, etc. This would in turn save our clients tons of money because the targeting became so niche and money wasn't wasted on the masses. 


It is brilliant marketing. Truth is, you're all targeted based on your interests and you may not even know it. Don't believe me? Try this. Go to Google and do a search for 'online masters degree.' Spend a minute or two looking at the results. After you've done that, go to your Facebook account and get to scrolling. Now pay close attention to the "sponsored ads" that pop up on your timeline. Most advertisers chose to market to mobile devices and only when the user is utilizing WiFi. Test it out on your mobile device. Convinced yet?


So, what is my point? My point is this, if I go to Google and search for churches to attend near me, will a sponsored ad from your church appear on any of my social media platforms? Will there be an ad campaign (not a flyer) across my timeline inviting the community to free; no strings attached health fair that the church is offering?


The better question is this? Is there a designated person or team that your church utilizes to assist the pastoral team in ministry by way of Social Media Marketing? If not, and at the risk of sounding obnoxious I will reiterate that "Your Church Sucks at Marketing."


The good news is that there is hope. Feel free to reach out to me, the self proclaimed Chief Executive Church Marketer for tips and strategies to using social media to win souls for the Kingdom.


With love from your Social Media Ministry Specialistr  



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