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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there any long term contract?

No. You can cancel at any time. We just ask that you give us 30 days notice. 

I don't have a Facebook page or Twitter account for my business. Can you still help?

I certainly can. If you are choosing the Silver or Gold option, then I will happily set up a Facebook page or Twitter accounts for your business at no extra cost.

My business caters to local customers. Will your service still help me?

Very much so. All of your Social Media ads are tailored to make sure they are seen by people who are potential customers for your business.

How many extra customers will I get?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say exactly how many extra customers you will get from Social Media. Just as with a newspaper advert, you know your ad will be seen by readers but can’t quantify exactly how many will spend money with you. The benefit of Social Media though, is that your message will be seen online on a daily basis, giving you massive brand exposure and engagement with your customers and potential customers. This always leads to extra sales and extra customers.

Who will create the Social Media posts that are sent out for me?

If you wish to create any videos yourself that is fine. Otherwise, we will look at any digital info you already have (website, Facebook page, etc) as well as send you a short questionnaire to get some info about your business, and then create your posts for you.

Can I discuss the possibilities and options with you?

Of course!  Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat about the service.

How soon will you start posting for me?

Your Social Media posts will usually begin within 72 hours of us receiving your order. This, of course, depends on us having access to info about your business that will allow us to create your unique and relevant ads.

Can I see the posts before they are posted on Social Media sites?

We are very happy to send all of the ads for your approval before they are posted.

How will you create posts that are relevant to my business?

Once you place your order, we will send you a short questionnaire to get some info that we need for the ad(s). We’ll also ask you for any relevant photos that can be included in the posts. Ads could possibly be created from some information on your website, Facebook page, etc if you have them.

Can I continue to write posts on my social media accounts while ads are running?

Yes, of course. Your daily posts can prove beneficial to your business.